Chimneys in Chicago experience the harsh outdoor weather year-round—especially if they run up through the roof or along the side of the home. Since they are so high, they often get neglected when performing roof maintenance and repairs. The bricks can begin to shift, the mortar can crack, and these things can lead to a dangerous situation when you want to use the fireplace.

Two common repairs that homeowners often need are rebuilding and tuckpointing. It’s helpful to learn about these repairs and to know when to request them from a contractor.

What Is Chimney Rebuilding?

Rebuilding a chimney involves removing the damaged bricks and mortar. This process may involve partial rebuilding, where one side is removed, or a complete rebuild. Here are several reasons to obtain a partial or full rebuild.

  • extensive masonry damage
  • structural instability
  • Leaning chimney
  • foundation issues
  • damaged roofline
  • severe deterioration
  • damaged crown or firebox

Often a contractor will try to salvage as much as they can from the existing chimney to reuse in the rebuild process. Then they will rebuild either the damaged section or the entire thing.

What Is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is a chimney repair process that targets damaged mortar joints. The mortar may develop voids, erode, or have cracks appear over time. These problems are typically caused by water penetration. The water expands and contracts as this movement deepens cracks and worsens the damage.

To restore integrity, a contractor removes crumbling mortar and fills in the voids with new mortar. This process can also improve the appearance of old Chicago chimneys.

When To Start Rebuilding Vs. Tuckpointing?

Think of rebuilding and tuckpointing as two distinct stages in chimney maintenance upkeep. When a chimney is maintained, it may only need the occasional tuckpointing to repair minor damage before developing more extensive problems. A rebuild is a good option for homes that have experienced massive neglect or damage caused by other issues, such as fallen trees or shifting foundations.

Chimney Repairs Or Tuckpointing – We’ve Got You Covered

Many chimneys will need some type of repair process during their lifespans. Weather, age, and moisture penetration can all speed up the damage, causing a need for minor or major repairs. A great way to determine the type of repair work you need is to have your chimney inspected yearly. A yearly inspection can allow you to find problems that can be difficult to see from the ground. If you live in the Chicago area, save your home from preventable damage by calling Capitol Chimney today.

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