Why is Crown Coat the Best?

Crown Coat Chicago HomeThe crown prevents water from penetrating down through the brickwork in the chimney. It protects the mortar joints and the flue. When a crown cracks, water will leak into the chimney. This is bad news! The water can saturate the brickwork and masonry and ultimately cause the structure to fail or collapse. It can also damage the flue and compromise fire worthiness. A crown coat will form a seal with the concrete, limestone, or metal crown in order to prevent cracks from forming and water from getting into the chimney. Due to its unique quick drying water base technology, Capital Chimney Corp. uses Crown Coat.

What Are the Benefits of Crown Coat?
Chimney Crown From Capital Chimney Chicago

  • By using Crown Coat we are able to fill larger cracks and avoid having to replace an entire chimney crown.
  • Cures completely in about 3 hours and has the best warranty and aesthetics verses competitive products.
  • Permanently flexible which prevents future crack development
  • Comes with a 15 year warranty!
  • Forms a weatherproof coating on the chimney’s crown
  • Much more cost effective than tearing down an old concrete chimney crown and pouring a new one
  • Environmentally friendly!
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