The Vacu-Stack wind resistant chimney cap is the premier chimney cap for solving common wind-related draft problems. When wind flows around the caps unique design, a partial vacuum is created. This vacuum then sucks flue gases up and out of the chimney which are the principles of the venturi effect. The stronger the wind blows, the more the draw inside the chimney is increased. The Vacu-Stack prevents wind-induced downdrafts and the backup of smoke and flue gas into your home. Vacu-Stack caps also function as conventional chimney caps by protecting the chimney from water infiltration, animals, nesting, and any debris.

Capital Chimney Corp Vacu-stack

What Else Can You Do?

Well, you can always raise the chimney. However, this is tremendously expensive and can destroy the way your home looks. The Vacu-Stack is a great alternative to raising the chimney. Capital Chimney Corp. can provide solutions for every drafting or wind-related problem. Call us today!

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