Chimney Exhaust Fans

Also known as Enervex Fans, Exausto Fans, chimney fans, chimney exhaust fans, or chimney smoke fans. Exhausto chimney fans are a simple and 100% effective solution for chimney smoke problems including: draft problems, incorrectly sized flues, short chimneys, poor design, negative pressure problems, etc. They are motorized fans that are installed at the top of the chimney that induces a draft into the chimney system.

Benefits of Exhausto Fireplace Fans

Exhausto Fire Place Fan

  • No smoke from the fireplace in the house – 100% guaranteed
  • Extremely quiet and conservative operation – uses as much energy as a light bulb
  • Maintenance free motor
  • Can be painted different colors to compliment every exterior
  • Also acts as a ventilator to clear the home of other odors (cigarette smoke, pet odor, etc.)

Exhausto Fireplace Facts!

Did you know that the White House has an Exhausto fireplace fan on every chimney? This is proof that this really works! Chimney exhaust fans are the only 100% guaranteed resolution to all chimney smoke problems. Exhausto fireplace fans are created for minimal energy usage and the motors of Exhausto fireplace fans are completely sealed and maintenance-free!

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