Chimney Repair

For comprehensive fireplace maintenance or specialized chimney repair in Chicago, count on Capital Chimney Corp. Prevent outages and expensive rebuilds. Save big with preventative repairs. If you [...]

Chimney Liner Repair & Replacement

Protect your Chicago area property and its occupants with professional chimney liner repair or replacement by Capital Chimney Corp. If your chimney liner is damage, it can create health risks, [...]

Chimney Restoration & Rebuilds

Capital Chimney Corp offers chimney restoration, repairs, and rebuilds for Chicago area properties. Having timely inspections and repairs performed on your chimney can save you from prematurely [...]

Brick & Mortar Repair

Protect the look, safety, and life of your chimney with brick and mortar repair or replacement from Capital Chimney Corp, your Chicago area professionals. Don’t ignore the little fixes today only [...]

Tuckpointing & Chimney Masonry

Extend the life of your brick and mortar chimney with tuckpointing services from Capital Chimney Corp in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Small issues can become large, expensive problems when [...]