Capital Chimney Corp helps Chicago homeowners replace chimney liners with high-quality HeatShield chimney flue liner. HeatShield you avoid costly repairs and protects your chimney from additional damage. A liner will keep you comfortable and draft-free caused by gaps, cracks, and flakes in chimney flue tiles.

Save Money. Catch Problems Early.

Even if your chimney looks fine on the outside, there could be hidden damages on the inside. A thorough, yearly chimney sweep and inspection can help to reveal these hidden problems early. The longer these damages remain, the worse they can become, and the more costly it will be to repair in the long run.

  • Gaps Between Flue Tiles
  • Cracked Flue Tiles
  • Flaking Flue Tiles (Spalling)

With HeatShield, we can restore your chimney’s clay flue liner, saving you the expense of rebuilding or relining. Let us help you diagnose issues and keep your chimney functioning safely and effectively.

Hidden Damage Can Be Dangerous

Damaged chimney liners can no longer perform their intended function correctly, which is to contain and vent dangerous flue gases safely. Your family and your home can suffer drastically if these damages are neglected.

  • Increased Damage To Your Chimney
  • Increased Risk Of Fire
  • Carbon Monoxide Build-Up Inside Your Home
  • Possible Chimney Blockages
  • Slowed Updrafts
  • Decreased Efficiency
  • Heat Loss

Additionally, building codes and fire safety standards require that all chimneys be structurally sound, smoke tight, and capable of venting flue gases outdoors. With HeatShield, we may be able to help you bring your chimney up to code.

Protect & Restore Your Chimney

HeatShield is an effective sealant material that we can use to fill smaller areas or along the entire length of your chimney’s flue. Because it is made especially for use on chimnies, HeatShield can withstand the heat, sparks, and embers created by your fireplace or woodstove.

Benefits Of HeatShield Chimney Installation

We have found HeatShield to be an excellent choice when it comes to chimney flue restoration. We encourage you to take advantage of the many benefits of this chimney product option.

  • Durable
  • Increased Safety & Peace Of Mind
  • Decreased Risk Of Additional Damages
  • Increase Life Expectancy Of Surrounding Masonry
  • Reduced Drafts & Better Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly

Schedule Your HeatShield Chimney Replacement Today

Increase your peace of mind knowing that your home and family are safe whenever you light your fireplace or wood stove. Capital Chimney Corp is your local, dependable choice for Chicago area chimney liner repairs, inspection, and maintenance.

Call today and schedule your HeatShield service appointment with one of our certified chimney pros.

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