Protect the looks, safety, and life of your chimney with brick-and-mortar repair from Capital Chimney Corp, your Chicago area tuckpointing professionals. Don’t ignore the little fixes today only to experience big, expensive problems down the road. We’re here to help you make sure your brick chimney and fireplace can continue to vent efficiently and safely for years to come.

Common Brick & Mortar Chimney Repairs

Wind, water, storms, heat, and sun exposure–nature can have deteriorating effects on your home. You want the system that ventilates fire, fumes, and smoke out of your house to work well for a long time. So, don’t put these simple repairs off. We can help you with all types of common brick chimney repair and replacement services.

Brick & Mortar Repair

What Is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing, repointing, or pointing is a masonry repair service that involves removing old, damaged mortar and professionally applying new mortar between the bricks. With this service, we are repairing chimney and fireplace mortar with a tested, proven, centuries-old, masonry technique. This kind of brick-and-mortar repair can have many benefits.

  • Prevents further deterioration and cracking of the mortar joints.
  • Preserves the life of your chimney.
  • Restores structural integrity by preventing leaning and collapse.
  • Solid mortar joints will help prevent water and moisture from entering your flue system.
  • Repairing mortar joints is far more affordable than a complete rebuild.
  • When the masonry is in good condition, it improves your curb appeal.

How Long Does A Brick Chimney Last?

Typically, bricks on a chimney will last around a century. The mortar between bricks has a much shorter lifespan, closer to 20 years, depending on weather exposure. Regular inspections and maintenance by experienced professionals can help ensure that any issues are taken care of before they affect the longevity of your chimney.

Save Money With Brick & Mortar Repair

When you rely on our chimney masonry services, mortar removal, application, and tooling are done right the first time and every time. You will prevent further damage from occurring and extend the life of your chimney affordably. We pay close attention to every step in your repair.

  • Grinding Or Removing Old Mortar To Uniform Depth
  • Cleaning Joints Of Dust & Debris
  • Pointing Joints Between Bricks With Fresh Mortar
  • Special Attention To Match Mortar Style, Color & Texture
  • Properly Tool & Brush Fresh Mortar
  • Brick & Site Cleanup

Keeping Water, Bugs & The Cold Out

By keeping your chimney masonry in good shape, you keep insects, water, and those chilly winter drafts out. Crumbling mortar and spalled or missing bricks are more than just an eyesore. They leave space for water and the elements to seep in and cause even more damage to your chimney.

Protect Your Home’s Value

Would you buy a home with a leaning or damaged chimney? No one wants to invest in a property that looks neglected. Give your chimney the structural support it needs, and your fireplace the facelift buyers will love with professionally applied mortar restoration and brickwork repairs.

Schedule Chicago Brick Chimney Repair

At Capital Chimney Corp, we know all the ins and outs of brick-and-mortar chimneys just like yours. We’ve been serving home and business owners like you throughout the Chicago area for over two decades. Call us to make your masonry repair appointment today.

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