Most Common Chimney Problems In Chicago

With the extreme weather conditions in Chicago, IL, it is crucial to understand the most common chimney problems needing repairs. A well-maintained chimney can prevent various issues, from smoke [...]

7 Ways Water Can Damage Your Chimney

As the heart of your home’s fireplace, your chimney stands as a silent sentinel, tirelessly venting the smoke and fumes from your cozy winter fires. But lurking beneath its sturdy exterior [...]

How To Safely Dispose Of Fireplace Ash

While a roaring fire brings warmth and ambiance, it also produces a byproduct that requires careful handling—fireplace ash. As winter approaches, many of us will fire up our fireplaces to enjoy [...]

Why Is My Chimney Leaning?

No matter how funny it looks, a leaning chimney is no laughing matter. If your chimney is pulling away from your house, you might have questions about the causes behind this phenomenon, the [...]

What Is Efflorescence & Is It Dangerous?

Do you want to ensure the longevity and functionality of your chimney? Capitol Chimney Corp is here to help you learn more about the potential warning signs of damage, like efflorescence. Issues [...]

6 Signs Your Chimney Needs A Restoration

How do you know if it’s time for a chimney restoration? A well-maintained chimney is essential for your fireplace’s safe and efficient operation. Over time, these structures break down due [...]

Is It Time To Replace Your Chimney Cap?

Is the metal cap on your chimney looking a little rusty or tilted to the side? Does that mean it’s time to replace it, or can it be repaired? Capital Chimney Corp. is here to answer your [...]

Does Chimney Flashing Make A Difference?

Fireplaces in Chicago may have chimney stacks that go straight up through the roof or run along the side of the house. In the area where the bricks of the chimney stack connect with the roof and [...]

5 Chimney Safety Tips You Should Know

Capital Chimney Corp of Chicago knows how to help Chicagoland area residents look forward to a safe fireplace season this year. Take advantage of the complimentary chimney inspection we offer [...]

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