Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are on top of the chimney protecting the home. The chimney cap will help extinguish sparks that draft up the chimney and prevent them from landing on the roof. A properly installed [...]

Crown Coat

Crown Coat is applied to the chimney crown and creates a water-resistant, air-tight seal with the concrete. This is important to protect the chimney. Water penetration through cracks in a crown [...]

Chimney Dampers

Chimney dampers open and close off the flue (or liner) for fireplaces, stoves, and some gas appliances. Much like windows in a home, the damper should remain shut when the system isn’t in use. [...]

Chimney Saver Waterproofing

Let Capital Chimney Corp help you protect your Chicago home’s chimney from destructive water damage with our ChimneySaver waterproofing service. Chimney waterproofing helps to keep your chimney [...]

Exhaust Fans

Exhausto Fan (or a termination mounted fan) is the only 100% guaranteed effective solution for chimney smoke problems including: draft problems, incorrectly sized flues, short chimneys, poor [...]

Gas Starter Repair & Replacement

Gas starters (or log lighter bar) make it simple and easy to start a fire in a wood burning fireplace. However, to maintain effectiveness and safety, it is important to inspect annually and [...]


Vacu-Stacks are a premium chimney cap that uses the principles of the venturi effect, making it very effective at solving common wind-related draft problems. These problems often happen to homes [...]