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14-Point Chimney Inspection

Our team conducts a thorough 14-point inspection that delivers a comprehensive report, including action items and the most cost-effective repair options.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Our team specializes in thorough chimney sweeps and fireplace cleanings. Our maintenance plans are designed to ensure a smooth and efficient system.

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Restoration & Rebuilds

Our team can restore your chimney to a functioning part of your home. We perform brick-and-mortar repairs, tuckpointing, and complete reconstruction.

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Chimney Products

We carry high-quality chimney products and accessories to create more efficient fire burning. We warranty all our installations, so you know it’s done right.

Chicago Chimney Services

At Capital Chimney Corp. in Chicago we offer a wide range of chimney services and products to keep your home heating safe and efficient. Our team will never take shortcuts when performing chimney sweeps, cleanings, maintenance, inspections, or repairs. We always offer the most cost-effective solution.

Our Most Popular Chimney Services

Keep your chimney & fireplace running at its best with our maintenance programs. We perform visual inspections during all scheduled services to identify areas of concern before they become a bigger issue.

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Reliable Chimney Repair

Rely on our decades of chimney repair and service experience in Chicago and surrounding Chicagoland areas. Our entire staff stays current on the latest repair trends and technology so they can quickly diagnose any issue. We then provide you with the best, most cost-effective repair possible. We love to share our repair and product knowledge. If you have any questions, we would love to help you find the best repair solution for you.

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Customer Reviews

  • If we could assign 20 stars ... Capital would have all 20 Stars. We've had work completed by David, Derrick and Kyle (him 2x) and they are absolute gentlemen ... know their 'stuff', are clean, courteous and work together like champs. From the first call to their office (very efficient, by the way) to all the work they completed - cleaning & glazing fireplace, replacing & repairing multiple damaged flues & clay tiles plus replacing 30 years worth of horrible furnace & water heater liners (from basement to chimney) and 2-3 other technical roof or chimney needs -- whew!They did most of the work last Friday & on Saturday ... the boiler wasn't working properly (so chilly house) ... they nearly immediately sent a couple of guys out (2 new guys, also great) who found the problem & fixed it promptly! Then a follow up call to make certain we were ok with everything! Wow ... we are more than ok! If you are in need of an inspection, cleaning, chimney work ... CALL CAPITAL CHIMNEY CORP. You'll be happy!

    Susan R. Palatine, IL

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Safeguard your home against the unpredictable elements of Mother Nature with regular chimney maintenance. This structure may seem sturdy, but it’s constantly exposed to the elements, especially seasonal weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, and ice. Regular maintenance can combat this wear and tear and protect your property. The Dangers Of Neglecting Chimney Maintenance When […]

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