When you need more than maintenance and repairs, count on Capital Chimney Corp for chimney restoration and rebuilds throughout Chicago. Remove damage, improve the look of your property, and prevent future problems with a partial or complete chimney rebuild.

Our company provides licensed and certified technicians to restore and revive your hearth and home.

Chimney Rebuilds For Peace Of Mind

Our skilled team will thoroughly inspect your system from cap to firebox to determine the proper course of corrective action. Ineffective repairs can cost you money if your structure needs to be rebuilt. Here are some of the warning signs.

If extensive brickwork damage is present or the damage extends down to the chimney foundation, a complete rebuild is required. This service consists of demolishing the outer layer of brick on a chimney system and adding a new crown. The firebox, smoke chamber, and hearth do not typically have to be replaced with a complete rebuild.

Consider A Partial Rebuild

Not every damaged chimney needs to be rebuilt entirely. In most cases, the most exposed portion of the structure will begin deteriorating first. If caught at this stage, only the topmost part will need repairs. Don’t delay calling us at the first signs of damage. Quick repairs can save you money in the long run and keep your family safe.

Protect Your Home From Mother Nature

Many chimney restoration projects stem from moisture problems. Water outside and corrosive vapors on the inside can weaken and break down mortar and other structural strongholds like wood or brick over time. Other natural elements to watch out for include the following.

  • Sun
  • Snow & Ice
  • Fire & Heat
  • Lighting
  • Extreme Wind Gusts

If not addressed, issues caused by these types of weather can cause serious fire hazards.

Proven Chimney Restoration Techniques

Restoration efforts are necessary due to age, accidents, or neglect. Our company has been performing all manner of chimney restorations, big and small, throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for over two decades.

Whether it’s sealing, tuckpointing, brick replacement, or water damage restoration, leave the repairs to us. We can also help with all rebuilds when more extensive restoration is needed.

How Restoration & Rebuild Works

While every rebuild is unique, Capital Chimney Corp. will make sure to meet your needs and work out the right schedule so that you can relax while we work.

Our process typically includes:

  • Setting Up Equipment
  • Removing & Discarding Deteriorated Brickwork
  • Rebuilding Chimney With Matching Bricks
  • Meeting Building & Fire Codes

Schedule An Inspection Today To Get Started

Regular inspection and sweep services keep all parts of your fireplace in efficient working order for extended periods. We help you catch problems early and perform lasting fixes to extend the life of your masonry, liner, firebox, cap, crown, and more.

Due to the weather in the Chicago area, we have limited time to complete restorations and rebuilds like these. However, Capital Chimney Corp. can diagnose potential repairs no matter the weather. Don’t hesitate to call today for all your fireplace and chimney needs.

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We Are Licensed & Certified

Please note that fireplace repair and/or rebuilds must be done by a licensed and certified chimney technician or mason. There are many codes involved in building a safe and properly functioning fireplace and chimney that regular masons (bricklayers) are unaware of.

Your Neighborhood New Chimney Professionals

When you need chimney restoration or rebuilds, you want it done right the first time. At Capital Chimney Corp, we are your reliable, go-to chimney guys in the Chicago area. Call us to schedule an inspection with one of our certified technicians today.

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