What is a Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap is an essential part of your chimney, and Capital Chimney in Chicago, Illinois, can make sure yours is ready for the stormy winter months. A chimney cap cover is usually a metal piece that is located at the top of the chimney to protect your fireplace from the elements and ensure sparks don’t make it onto your house. It is needed to cover all chimney flues like those for fireplaces, furnace flues, and boilers.

Why You Need A Chimney Cap

Many people question whether it is necessary or not. The answer is “yes.” If it’s missing or damaged, it’s important to get your chimney cap repaired, replaced, or installed immediately–especially before your chimney is used. The reality is that the proper spark arrester will protect your chimney from numerous issues and save homeowners thousands of dollars in unnecessary chimney repairs or fire damage expenses.

  • It prevents sparks and burning ashes from escaping.
  • Prevents rain and water from getting into your chimney.
  • They keep out debris and animals.

Is It Really That Important?

A chimney cap is like an umbrella on top of your chimney to keep in or out anything harmful. Rain is very harmful because it washes away the mortar joints and causes flue tile damage which compromises the fireworthiness. Animals love to nest in chimneys because of the warmth, and they can be very difficult to remove. They also keep debris out, which could block up your chimney and cause smoke. It prevents sparks and burning ashes from escaping your chimney and landing on your roof or surrounding areas.

Will Chimney Caps Cause Draft Problems?

At times installing or replacing a cover incorrectly can create draft problems. However, we can fix a draft problem and install the product that is best for your venting system. There are specially designed chimney caps that reduce draft problems or correct existing ones with proper repair.

Protect Yourself As A Homeowner

There are a few fire and building codes regarding the operation of chimneys, so it is essential to hire a professional chimney company. A faulty installation can create more problems and may void future homeowner insurance claims.

Get A Free Quote In Chicago

Spark arresters installed by Capital Chimney Corp. are stainless steel with a lifetime warranty. When you allow us to install your chimney cover properly, we can solve an existing problem as well as prevent new ones from taking place.

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