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If you live in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas, we invite you to have your fireplace and chimney inspected by Capital Chimney Corp. A yearly certified fireplace and chimney inspection is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, Chimney Safety Institute of America, and the National Chimney Sweeps Guild. Capital Chimney offers a free 14-point safety chimney inspection with the purchase of every chimney sweep.

Inspecting Chimneys Of All Types

Certified Fire Protection SpecialistFrom boilers to pellet stoves, furnaces to water heaters, and of course fireplaces, all vented heating appliances should be checked for safety each year. We can make sure your ventilation choices properly match your appliances and that everything is clean and in good repair. Regardless of what chimney type you have, a certified chimney inspection can help prevent fire damage to your home or property.

Our 14-Point Safety Chimney Inspection

A complimentary multi-point safety chimney inspection is included with every sweep service we provide. Our certified technicians check for blockages, fire worthiness, and assess every feature of your fireplace system to ensure that they are safe and up to code.

Chimney Checks

  • Proper Height
  • Cap, Spark Arrestor & Animal Guard
  • Crown – Cracking Or Pitting
  • Mortar Joints & Brickwork – Cracking Or Spalling
  • Flashing & Flue Collars
  • Flue Liner & Tile Joints – Condition & Shifting
  • Resistance To Water


  • Smoke Chamber
  • Damper
  • Firebox, Cracking & Fire panel
  • Ash Container, Clean Out & Fire Door
  • Gas Starter
  • Lintel
  • Hearth Protection

Looks Can Be Deceiving

There are plenty of great looking chimneys that are fire hazards waiting to happen. Each year fireplaces and chimneys that have not been properly maintained cause large numbers of injuries and deaths, and cost Americans more than $200 million in property damage. It takes a trained eye looking in all the right places to catch little problems before they become big ones or prevent dangerous or even deadly home heating-related accidents.

Why Risk A Preventable Accident?

Don’t suffer through smoking problems or leave the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning to chance. Let us help you promote safety and good health with a clean, unclogged, inspected fireplace and flue system.

Are You Up To Code?

Age, use, wear and tear, and repeated freeze-thaw cycles all take their toll on Chicagoland fireplace systems. Is your chimney safe and up to code? We can find out. Flammable creosote buildup, signs of flue liner damage, blockages from animals and their nests, and carbon monoxide promoting moisture problems are all things we check for.

Inspections for Property Sales

The Chimney Safety Institute of America requires that an inspection is completed whenever a property is sold or ownership of property changes. Whether your fireplace inspection is required by law as property changes hands or you want to make sure your home and family are safe from carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazards, we’re here to help.

Prepare For The Cold Season

We can help you get ready for a cozy fall and winter by making sure everything is in working order. If you do happen to need repairs, we can conveniently recommend and perform everything from cleaning to complete rebuilds.

Schedule a Fireplace & Chimney Inspection Today

Call now to schedule your Chicago area fireplace and chimney service inspection by a Capital Chimney Corp certified technician.

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