We in the Chicago area know that chimney and fireplace inspection is among the most important services for you and your family’s safety. At Capital Chimney Corp., we offer a free 14-point safety chimney inspection with every chimney sweep service. And why not? An annual certified fireplace and chimney inspection is recommended by FEMA, the National Fire Protection Association, Chimney Safety Institute of America, and the National Chimney Sweeps Guild.

Recommended Inspection Levels

Certified Fire Protection SpecialistFrom boilers to pellet stoves, furnaces to water heaters, and of course fireplaces, all vented heating appliances should be checked for safety each year. We can make sure your ventilation choices properly match your appliances and that everything is clean and in good repair. As CSIA and NFPA certified sweeps, we’re able to provide any of all three levels of chimney inspection:

  • Level 1: A general inspection typically carried out annually or when a chimney is swept.
  • Level 2: A more detailed inspection for system changes (i.e., new appliances, flues or fuels) or during real estate transactions.
  • Level 3: The most intensive type for when level 1 or 2 inspections may have suggested hidden/serious hazards.

Our Full 14-Point Safety Chimney Inspection

A complimentary multi-point safety chimney inspection is included with every sweep service we provide. Our certified technicians check for blockages, fire worthiness and assess every feature of your fireplace system to ensure that they are safe and up to code.

5 Chimney Cleaning MythsChimney Checkup

Fireplace Condition Assessment

  • Smoke Chamber
  • Damper
  • Firebox, Cracking & Fire panel
  • Ash Container, Clean Out & Fire Door
  • Gas Starter
  • Lintel
  • Hearth Protection

Dangers Of Performing Your Own Chimney SweepHidden Chimney Hazards

Each year fireplaces and chimneys that have not been appropriately maintained cause large numbers of injuries and deaths and cost Americans more than $200 million in property damage. It takes a trained eye looking in all the right places to catch minor problems before they become big ones or prevent dangerous or even deadly home heating-related accidents.

Fix Minor Issues Now

Don’t suffer through smoking problems or leave the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning to chance. Let us help you promote safety and good health with a clean, unclogged, inspected fireplace and flue system. Addressing problems early on is an easy way to avoid the potential costs of major repairs, or in the worst case, a house fire.

Is Your Fireplace Ready To Use?

Many factors can affect your fireplace and chimney in Chicagoland, from age, use, wear, and repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Make sure your heating system is safe and up to code with a fireplace and chimney inspection from Capital Chimney Corp. Schedule your appointment today.

Level 2 Real Estate Inspections

The Chimney Safety Institute of America requires an inspection be completed whenever a property is sold or ownership of property changes. Whether your fireplace inspection is required by law as property changes hands or you just want to make sure your home is safe, we’re here to help with a CSIA-certified level 2 real estate inspection.

Schedule Your Chimney Inspection Today

Contact us today to schedule your Chicago area fireplace and chimney service inspection by a Capital Chimney Corp certified technician. We also offer free in-home estimates and second opinions.

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