Chimney Dampers

Chimney damper replacementThe best chimney damper replacement company in Chicago.Chimney dampers essentially close the outside air off from the inside air when the system is not in use. As energy is becoming more costly each and every day, it is important to conserve and be efficient when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Chimneys can be a dramatic point of lost heating and air conditioning, so in order to help save on energy cost, it is recommended that you get a chimney damper inspected to ensure it is functioning correctly. In order to keep the air in a home warm during cold winters and the air cool during hot summers, a chimney damper’s seal must be effective and efficient.

Do Chimney Dampers Become Faulty?

Yes. In fact, the older ones are known as cast iron throat dampers. These metal over metal closures are not efficient (it is estimated that fully closed they are about 30-40% efficient). Due to extreme exposure to heat they will warp and rust over time, compromising the seal and becoming less effective. Broken dampers can cause a range of issues from partially obstructing the flue, (which will cause the smoke to backup), to increasing utility bills (due to the fact that it will not keep the outside air from getting into the house).

The Benefits of a High Efficiency Termination Mounted Fireplace Damper

Professional chimney damper replacement installation and repair.

  • The system mounts at the top of the chimney and looks much like a chimney cap when open
  • The chimney damper seals flush when it is closed, which will not permit entry of rain, animals, or insects into your chimney
  • Prevents cold air from filling the chimney
  • It closes with a silicone gasket seal and is about 94-98% efficient, which will save you money on utilities
  • It is very affordable and will pay for itself in a couple of years

Capital Chimney Corp. has certified technicians who will conduct a 14-point safety inspection on any chimney system and will be able to offer solutions for any problems. Call Capital Chimney Corp. to upgrade your chimney damper and potentially save you an enormous amount of money on utility bills.

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