You light the fireplace hoping for a cozy night around the hearth only to end up with a smelly, smokey mess. Why is your fireplace smoky? At Capital Chimney Corp, we want to help you get to the bottom of smoke back drafts, so you can enjoy your cools weather comforts again.

Fireboxes & Flues – How Things Should Work

First of all, you should never see smoke entering your living room after lighting a fire. Your chimney flue should vent all that smoky air out and let fresh air in to feed those flames, keeping the warmth. Wood that doesn’t stay lit for very long or that doesn’t seem to be warming your home the way it used to may be the first sign you could have a problem.

Back Drafting Is A Dangerous Problem

Your firebox and flue don’t just work together to keep those embers lit, they vent harmful substances out of your home. This chemical-filled cocktail can include harmful vapor, carbon monoxide, and unburned wood. Besides smelling bad, smoky air can irritate eyes, allergies, and asthma. Back puffing can also be the sign of chimney issues that indicate a future failure or fire hazard.

Clearing The Air & Protecting Your Family

Because the stakes are so high and the causes can vary so widely, it’s best to call in a professional to diagnose your smoky fireplace. A licensed, experienced chimney sweep company will know how and where to look for many common issues when pinpointing the cause of your smoky fireplace.

Get Help With A Smoky Fireplace

Whether you need fireplace repair, some basic maintenance, or just a little advice, it’s worth calling in a professional chimney sweep to investigate your smoky fireplace. At Capital Chimney Corp, we help businesses and families throughout the Chicagoland area fix and prevent fireplace issues of all types. Don’t let another year go by without a chimney inspection. Give us a call to schedule yours today.

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