Is your fireplace extra stinky this summer? Even though you may not have used it in a while, there are several reasons why a chimney can put out bad smells. Our fireplace maintenance experts at Capital Chimney Corp can troubleshoot the causes of summer fireplace funk so that you can enjoy your home and hearth year-round.

There are four common causes of chimney odors in warm weather.

  1. Creosote Buildup
  2. Animal Invasion
  3. Water Accumulation
  4. Decaying Debris

1. Creosote Fumes Are Bad For Your Health

Creosote is a flammable, irritable substance that builds up due to burning wood. It has a strong, smoky scent that might remind you of tar. Creosote often smells worse in hot and humid weather when the A/C is on, causing air to recirculate throughout the house.

In addition to potential odors, breathing creosote can cause respiratory illnesses and other health issues. If you have buildup, it’s important not to neglect regular chimney inspections and sweeping.

2. Are Funky Animal Aromas Cause For Concern?

Another common cause of fireplace odor is the hidden presence of animals or animal droppings. Birds and rodents, including mice, rats, squirrels, and bats, often take up residence and build nests inside chimneys.

Dead animals are going to start to smell shortly after death, but even living creatures can leave an odor once they’ve been living (and relieving themselves) in your heating system over time.

3. Standing Water Can Also Cause Fireplace Smells

Chimney leaks sometimes cause water to pool inside your hearth, which in turn may lead to nasty smells due to mildew or mold. If you find water dripping down the flue or pooling in your fireplace, you should call a professional ASAP to find and fix the source.

4. Nests & Plant Debris

Aside from creosote and animal droppings, other debris can build up in your fireplace and cause smells. Birds and animals often drag in plants and other materials to build their nests, and leaves from nearby trees can blow or drift in. As this matter decays, it can stink.

Professional Chimney Sweeping & Fireplace Odor Elimination

Getting rid of fireplace odor is not an easy job. Deodorizers such as vinegar, charcoal, and kitty litter may help ease the smell temporarily. Still, they won’t get at the root problem, whether that’s creosote buildup, mold, animal remains/droppings, or plant debris.

A chimney inspection and fireplace sweep can make sure your summer home odors aren’t due to anything more serious. We can also make any needed repairs.

Chicagoland Chimney Cleaning & Repair

Don’t let fireplace odors take over your Chicago area home this summer. Capital Chimney Corp can identify and remediate the cause. Contact us today to schedule service.

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