This time of year, you’re looking forward to warm summer days on the beach. Those cold nights curled up by the fire are a thing of the past. But now is actually the best time to schedule a commercial chimney cleaning and prepare your fireplace for next winter.

Why Are Spring & Summer The Best Times For A Chimney Sweep?

Taking care of your chimney right after the cold season is a smart move for several reasons. The biggest one is the peace of mind you’ll have for the rest of the year. Your fireplace will be ready to go in time for next season’s first cold snap.

  • Find deals on our services during the off-season (spring and summer).
  • A good sweep will reduce the creosote odor seeping into your house during humid weather.
  • Catching damage early saves money on repairs.
  • Get rid of pests before they take up permanent residence in your chimney.
  • Spring is when work conditions are at their best.
  • We can respond to customer requests faster now than in the fall — our busy season.
  • During the off-season, we can often combine cleaning and repair work in one visit.

Don’t Leave Your Fireplace Till Fall

Waiting until fall to place a work order with a chimney specialist, creates a long waiting list. It becomes a race against time for technicians to service everyone’s fireplace before winter sets in. Don’t risk yours falling through the cracks by putting off your annual cleaning.

COVID’s Impact On Chimney Cleaning

Like so many other industries, fireplace maintenance companies have experienced shortages and delays in the products and materials we need. We at Capital Chimney Corp want to assure you that we have a fully stocked warehouse and multiple service trucks at the ready.

Our technicians are well-prepared to take care of anything and everything your chimney and fireplace needs to work properly next winter.

Book Your Chicago Fireplace Cleaning Today

Don’t procrastinate and skip cleaning your chimney. Beat the rush and schedule your appointment today. If you’re looking for professional chimney sweeps in the Chicagoland area, call Capital Chimney Corp.

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