At Capital Chimney Corp in Chicago, Illinois, we want to help you prepare your fireplace for the colder seasons. With all of the world’s uncertainty at this time, it’s vital to get your home heating needs in order before the wet, frigid winter months. We can also help you create a modern look for your hearth, just in time for family celebrations and entertaining your guests.

The Risks Of Neglecting Fireplace Maintenance

When fireplaces sit unused for long periods, cleaning and maintenance can be forgotten or neglected. Gas, electric, and traditional systems require proper inspections, routine care, and repairs in order to ensure efficiency and safety during the long winter months.

  • Ignoring routine fireplace maintenance can result in costly issues and safety hazards.
  • Creosote may build up, becoming a fire hazard, or restricting airflow throughout your chimney.
  • Nesting animals or other obstruction in the chimney can create a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.
  • Pilot light failure may make it difficult or even impossible to turn on your fire when you need it.
  • A damaged thermocouple or thermopile may also make it difficult or even impossible to turn on your heat.
  • Chimney stains may occur – these can be indicative of moisture in your chimney, which will eventually affect your masonry/chimney structure.

Popular Updates & Upgrades

Repairing, cleaning, and maintaining your chimney and fireplace aren’t the only reasons to contact us at Capital Chimney Corp. Before cold weather arrives in full, you may be looking to give the places you use to entertain and amuse guests an overhaul.

As we work to maintain your heating system, we can also create an updated, stylish look incorporating popular fireplace restoration and remodel trends.

  • Contemporary, Linear Designs
  • Larger, More Prominent Units
  • Corner Or Multi-Sided Units
  • Variable Heat Units
  • Remote Controlled Fires

Beat The Cold With Chimney Sweep Services

In Chicago, Illinois, Capital Chimney Corp can assist you in not only maintaining your chimney and with tasks like gas fireplace repair and fireplace cleaning services, but also with any upgrades or updates you may be interested in. Contact us today to schedule your next inspection, chimney sweep, repair, or remodel service.

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