When springtime rolls around, it’s time for all kinds of spring-cleaning and maintenance projects, including prepping your chimney and fireplace. You may wonder, “Why not wait and service my chimney in the fall?” After being used all winter, your flue system is dirty and may need repair. Mother Nature could also surprise you with a cold spell earlier than expected, leaving your fireplace unready to use when fall arrives.

Chimney Repair & Maintenance Tasks

A 14-point professional chimney inspection is the perfect start to spring-cleaning your heating system. Once we uncover any issues, we can sweep and repair your chimney and fireplace. We go through a full checklist of items when it comes to spring maintenance, but here are a few areas to start your own upkeep.

Check Outside For Flashing Damage

The area where the chimney meets the roof could have flashing damage from the cold, ice, and snow. If so, water could leak into your home and damage walls and ceilings. If you can see damage, don’t risk the climb, call in a professional sweep to make repairs.

Inspect The Chimney For Cracks & Creosote

You should have your chimney inspected at least once every year to ensure it functions properly, doesn’t have cracks, and to roust out other problems. You’ll also want any creosote buildup swept out to prevent a house fire. Again, these are tasks best left to the pros for accuracy and safety.

Evict Any Animal Visitors

You’ll want to ensure no animals, including birds and squirrels, are making a home inside your chimney. The nesting materials they leave could easily catch fire, roasting them and your home in the process. Furry and flying critters can also get stuck and die in this space, causing smells and creating food for other types of pests.

Check The Cap & Screen For Damage

The chimney cap keeps animals and rain out of your chimney. If the cap or screen is broken or torn, pests and moisture can easily make their way into your home. If you can’t safely see the cap or screen from the ground, have a sweep stop by and check for weak spots or needed repairs.

Repair Cracks In Masonry & Crown

Spring rains could get into your home if you have cracks between bricks or in your flue. Prevent property damage by getting bricks replaced and tuckpointing repairs done.

Replace Your Chimney Liner

If you see cracks in the liner or find tiles in the fireplace, we may be able to make repairs. Otherwise, we’ll recommend replacing the liner entirely.  We’ll go over the different types of liner materials available and give you options, so you can stick to your budget while still addressing any safety issues.

Have Your Fireplace Cleaned

Cleaning different types of fireplaces—gas or wood—requires different techniques. Experienced sweeps know how to clean the kind of fireplace you have without causing damage.

Cut Down On Drafts – Close Your Damper

It sounds like a simple step, but it’s easy to forget. When we’re done cleaning and doing any necessary repairs, we’ll close the damper, which prevents drafts, animals, rain, and anything else Mother Nature might send down the chimney.

Schedule Your Spring Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

Contact us at Capital Chimney Corp today to schedule a spring inspection and cleaning. Cleaning the chimney is a safety factor, and it also ensures your fireplace works properly when needed. Make sure you’re ready to savor those cozy Chicago autumn nights by the fire.

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