Chimney cleaning is hazardous work. Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge or tools to do it correctly or diagnose significant issues. Hiring a professional chimney sweep is the safest solution, but determining how much you’re going to owe can be tricky.

The Short Answer – It Depends

The average cost for a standard sweep and inspection of a wood-burning fireplace can be around $200-$250. Depending on where you live in the United States, the actual price can range between $100 and $375.

Our standard fireplace sweeps and inspections cost the same regardless of fuel source (i.e. wood, gas, coal, pellet, etc.).

Factors That Influence The Price Of A Sweep

Every heating system has its quirks, so a technician often can’t give a final price until after an inspection. The most common factors that influence the cost of a chimney sweep are how much you use your fireplace, when the last cleaning was, and how accessible your roof is.

But, several other variables can affect your final costs.

  • There’s no chimney cap.
  • The fireplace insert has to be pulled out of the firebox before the technician can clean it.
  • There’s no chimney liner.
  • Animals are in your chimney.
  • There’s heavy creosote buildup.
  • The flue is challenging to access.
  • You have a double flue, multiple flues, or an odd-shaped flue.
  • Your fireplace has unusual elements.
  • Your flue is made of unusual materials.

Is A Commercial Chimney Cleaning Worth It?

It should never be understated how regular cleaning keeps fireplaces safe to use. Sweeps get rid of creosote and other debris that could easily cause a chimney fire. Regular sweeps also keep smoke and odors from entering your home and your fires burning strong.

Combining Services To Save Money

Most chimney companies offer inspection and cleaning as a package deal. Combining the services allows your technician to look for potential signs of damage, like cracks and holes, while sweeping.

How Often Do I Need A Sweep?

Experts like the National Fire Protection Association recommend annual inspections for all fireplaces. Yet, homeowners who regularly use their wood-burning stove or build a wood fire many times a week should consider scheduling sweeps more often to reduce creosote buildup.

Book A Chicago Chimney Sweep Today

Regular maintenance and cleaning maximizes your fireplace’s efficiency and increases its useful lifespan. If you live in the Chicagoland area and your chimney is due for a sweep, call us at Capital Chimney Corp to schedule service today.

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