A fireplace means warmth, ambiance, beauty, and a natural gathering place for a family. Your fireplace gets most of its use during the winter months when you and your family might want to enjoy a cozy blaze several times per week or more. So, the best time to make sure your chimney is clean, clear, and ready to perform is before winter comes.

What Are The Hazards Of A Dirty Chimney?

  • Fireplace Odors
  • Smoke Damage
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Fire hazards

Chimney Residue Causes Damage & Odor

When soot and creosote build up inside your flue, they collect along the walls and may also obstruct the flue. Instead of continuing upward, smoke and odors can return down and into your home.

Soot buildup can leave a black residue on walls, ceilings, and furniture. The smoky odor often proves difficult to remove from fabrics and textiles.

Carbon Monoxide Buildup & Air Pollution

As materials burn in your fireplace, carbon-based by-products, as well as other chemicals, metals, and dust, waft upward. If ventilation doesn’t work adequately, a higher level of these pollutants can remain in your home, possibly reaching your HVAC system as well.

Soot particles can aggravate the respiratory system for people and pets alike, resulting in breathing difficulties, asthmatic irritation, and other sinus problems. If carbon monoxide cannot escape and builds up in a home, it can be deadly.

Possible House Fires

A soot or creosote buildup can also present a fire hazard in your home. Natural and synthetic materials that burn in your fireplace produce residue that can actually be combustible and may ignite if they come in contact with embers or sparks.

You already know that operating your fireplace requires careful attention to safety, but a potential secondary chimney or house fire hazard is also something to think about.

Reduce Hazards With A Chimney Inspection & Chimney Sweep

A professional chimney inspection goes over your chimney system in fine detail. We check for cracks and degradation, code adherence as far as being built correctly, water damage, a buildup of soot and debris, and functionality of parts.

In addition to getting help from our sweeps to identify any problem areas, your chimney is probably due for its regular wintertime cleaning. We thoroughly clean all residue from your chimney walls, flue, and smoke ducts. We make sure ventilation will work properly so smoke and chemicals won’t get trapped in your home.

Schedule Winter Chimney Maintenance

While fireplaces offer a wonderfully convenient way for your home to stay warm, they call for upkeep, just like other household systems. Preventing hazards and ensuring proper winter functionality starts with a yearly inspection and sweep service. Capital Chimney Corp offers expert service to Chicago and the surrounding Chicagoland areas. Contact us today to get your chimney ready for winter.

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