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Gas Starters in Chicago and Suburbs

New Gas Logs

Gas starters make it simple and easy to start a fire in a wood burning fireplace. Gas starters consist of a pipe mounted under the grate and uses natural gas to produce flames through several small holes along its length. Then these flames light the wood, and once the wood is well lit you can turn off the gas starter. Gas starters are safe if you use and maintain them properly. Often times gas starters have to be replaced because of substantial contact with high temperatures.

Installation and Maintenance of Gas Starter

It is very important to have the proper installation of a gas starter in order to not have gas leaks. You should always have a professional install your gas starter. It is suggested that you check your gas starters at least once per year. You can do this by inspecting the fittings for damage and testing the gas flow. DO NOT let ashes spill into the gas starter.

Chicago Gas Starters

Replacement gas starters in the Chicagoland area.

A gas starter (or log lighter bar) is ideal for priming the chimney system. Priming the chimney means that the gas starter should be lit for about 2-3 minutes before wood is placed on the grate. This will heat the cold air in the chimney and heat the system’s components creating a good draw in the fireplace. Priming the chimney helps all of the initial smoke from starting a fire to quickly and efficiently get out of the chimney, also preventing an initial smoke roll out into the room. Call Capital Chimney Corp. for a 14 point safety inspection, and we will make sure that your gas starter is functioning correctly.

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