Fall is in the air. At Capital Chimney Corp, serving you in the Chicagoland area, we have some helpful tips to help keep your fireplace operating safely and efficiently, so you can enjoy the warmth all winter long.

  • Use Your Dampers Correctly
  • Install a Fireplace Insert
  • Choose Only Seasoned Firewood
  • Install Ceramic Or Glass Doors
  • Schedule Regular Sweep & Maintenance

Use Your Dampers Correctly

Your fireplace’s metal dampers control air and smoke as they flow up through the chimney. You should make sure your damper is fully open when you start the fire and keep it open as long as the fire is burning. Otherwise, you will end up with a room or house full of smoke.

Closing the dampers when your unit is not in use will help prevent heat from escaping up the flue.

Consider Installing A Fireplace Insert

If you don’t already have an insert, you might want to look into having one installed. Inserts resemble small wood or gas stoves that can be placed inside a larger fireplace. They are made of steel or cast iron and have insulated glass in front to create a highly efficient closed combustion system.

Inserts are much more efficient than bigger traditional fireplaces.

Use Only Seasoned Wood

If you choose a wood fireplace over a gas model, then make sure you only burn seasoned wood. Unseasoned wood contains more moisture than seasoned firewood, leading to greater smoke production and bigger creosote deposits. Seasoned hardwood also burns longer and hotter than soft or unseasoned wood.

Keep The Heat In With Ceramic Or Glass Doors

Fireplace doors work with your dampers to control heat flow and reduce pollution. Glass doors need to be open while your fire is burning and closed to prevent heat loss when the unit is not in use. Ceramic doors can be left closed while the fireplace is burning, helping radiate heat into your home.

Schedule Regular Sweeping & Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do to ensure fireplace efficiency is to schedule periodic chimney sweeps and inspections. Even the best firewood will leave behind some creosote and soot buildup, which eventually reduces heat transfer.

Keeping your chimney clean and in excellent repair will help cut your heating costs, and identifying and fixing issues with your firebox or chimney will help ensure you and your family’s safety through the fire season.

Chicago Fireplace Maintenance Services

Capital Chimney Corp is here for you if you live in the Chicago area and have any fireplace-related questions or concerns. Whether you need a gas or wood fireplace inspection or are ready to schedule a visit from one of our chimney sweeps, give us a call today.

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