Nobody wants to deal with a dirty fireplace in the winter. We’d rather be using it than waiting around in the cold for a professional to clean it. It is no wonder spring and summer are the best times to clean your chimney and prepare it for the next cold snap.

Warm Weather Fireplace Damage

Just because you’re not using your fireplace doesn’t mean it isn’t immune to problems. Letting it sit idle for a long time allows dirt and debris to build up. The build-up can aggravate damage sustained over the winter or create entirely new issues.

Keeping Critters Out Year-Round

Animals can also move into your chimney and damage it in their own ways. You should call animal control if the animals are still living there. Once they’ve been safely relocated, our technicians can clean up and take steps to deter other animals from making a home there in the future, like installing a chimney cap.

What’s That Spring Fireplace Smell

As the weather heats up, you may notice odors coming from your wood-burning fireplace. It’s likely summer’s heat and humidity mixing with the creosote that your chimney accumulated over the winter.

April Shower Bring…Chimney Leaks?

Water damage can destroy your chimney structure, leading to leaks and making it more vulnerable to fires. Winter weather can lead to constant freezing and thawing of ice in the fireplace. Yet, a heavy spring shower can also weaken its exterior.

Common Fireplace Maintenance Tasks

Like the rest of your home, your fireplace needs regular maintenance to protect it from the destructive forces of time and the elements. Remember – preventative care is always cheaper than substantial repairs.

During your cleaning, our technicians will inspect your chimney for any potential issues. We’ll check for leaks, structural weak points, and failing components. If you need repairs, we’ll give you a free estimate.

Call A Chicagoland Chimney Sweep Today

Don’t put off cleaning your fireplace because the next cold season is months away. Take advantage of good Chicago spring and summer weather and an open schedule. Contact us at Capital Chimney Corp to schedule an inspection, repairs, and sweep service today.

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