Springtime is the best time to have your chimney and fireplace inspected. The coming storms and rainy weather will only make problems like leaks worse. Don’t delay marking off your fireplace cleaning checklist or scheduling any necessary repair work.

The Importance Of Fireplace Maintenance

Winter is hard on your chimney, especially if it got a lot of use. Clearing out soot and tar is a crucial safety issue for wood-burning fireplaces. These flammable deposits increase the risk of chimney fires when cold weather returns in the fall.

Gas fireplaces burn much cleaner than wood-burning ones, so families don’t need to worry about potentially harmful by-products. However, they are still vulnerable to leaks and structural damage. The equipment should also be cleaned and inspected annually in preparation for next winter.

Spring Chimney Cleaning Checklist

A dirty chimney can undermine the rest of your spring cleaning. It can fill your home with unpleasant smells, and soot adds a dirty look to everything inside. For safe fireplace sweeping, let it sit unused for 48 hours for any remaining embers to completely cool.

  • Clean glass fireplace doors.
  • Inspect exterior for cracks, mold, and crumbling masonry or brick.
  • Make sure the damper opens and closes completely.
  • Clean soot-stained bricks, tiles, or stones.
  • Check crown for cracks.
  • Clean fireplace grate and andirons.
  • Check for damage to the liner.
  • Call a professional chimney sweep to clean the flue.
  • Check for fire and moisture damage in interior masonry.
  • Dust your gas logs.
  • Make sure the cap is secure and clear of debris.
  • Check the firebox for cracks and rust.
  • Sweep or vacuum firebox.
  • Check for damaged or faulty flashing.
  • Remove and dispose of ash.

How Chimney Sweeps Can Help

The easiest and safest way to check off most of the tasks on your fireplace cleaning list is to contact a chimney expert. Our certified sweeps use specialized tools to clear your flue of soot and tar deposits. They’re also trained to spot signs of unusual smoke build-up and structural damage.

Schedule Your Chicago Fireplace Inspection Today

The fireplace is a great place to start spring cleaning since it’s the dirtiest job. While there is plenty homeowners can do themselves, we recommend yearly 14 point inspections conducted by a professional chimney sweep. Capital Chimney Corp can perform this type of assessment for Chicagoland homeowners as well as chimney deep cleans.

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