When the weather turns cold, many people use their fireplaces and wood-burning stoves as alternative heat sources. They are able to keep their utility costs low while providing enough warmth for their Chicago homes. If wood is the main fireplace fuel, you should use seasoned wood. Learn more about seasoned wood and how to properly maintain your fireplace between use.

  • What Is Seasoned Firewood?
  • What Are the Benefits of Seasoned Wood For Fireplaces?
  • What Is The Best Way To Store Wood Before Burning It?
  • Tips For maintaining Your fireplace

What Is Seasoned Firewood?

Seasoned firewood is completely dry. When you cut down a tree, whether it is alive or dead, there is moisture inside. After being cut and split, seasoned wood has been stored to allow the moisture to evaporate.

Why Is Seasoned Firewood Good For Fireplaces?

Wood that is dry is easier to burn. It ignites quickly without the use of any accelerant. When wood is still wet, it has a tendency to produce more smoke which can adhere to the sides of the chimney flue as creosote. With wet wood, the creosote buildup can happen faster.

Wet wood also pops often, which can create flying sparks that leave your fireplace and can possibly ignite flammable items in your home.

How Do You Store Wood Before Burning It?

You can season the wood yourself if you plan to burn it. After cutting it, you want to place and stack it neatly with the bark side down. This method ensures maximum airflow.

You also want to store it outside or in a shed to prevent spiders, ants, and other pests from entering your home. You should leave it stacked for roughly 6 months or more to season it.

How To Maintain Your Fireplace

If you’ve burned wet wood, you’ll want to have an experienced chimney company perform fireplace and chimney maintenance. There are several things a sweep can do.

Chimney Service In Chicagoland

Consider getting your chimney serviced at least once a year. You should have it cleaned by a chimney sweep and then inspected for issues. Here at Capitol Chimney, we perform inspections, cleanings, repairs, and maintenance for your fireplace and chimney in Chicago, IL & the Chicagoland area. Contact us today to get started.

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