Start the new year fresh. Get rid of that sooty, black winter grime with brick chimney cleaning in Chicago. You don’t have to deal with dirty-looking, stained masonry year after year. Regular cleaning and inspections ensure the safety of your household’s most cozy heating systems and increase your curb appeal.

More Than Just A Little Dirt

A dirty-looking chimney is an eyesore for your home and a sign of potentially bigger problems. Our professional Chicago chimney sweeps can inspect the color and condition of your bricks to uncover signs of more serious damage. Then, we can remove the stains and restore and repair any damage.

  • Black Stains – Most soot stains result from the age of the house or lack of regular cleaning and maintenance. It can also be caused by creosote buildup, burning wood that is too green, or fires that smolder at a low temperature.
  • Dark Green Stains – Algae growth commonly occurs in areas where water is able to pool or where it flows consistently.
  • Red Stains – Typically, if you are experiencing red staining, it is due to rust. Rust is a sign that the chase cover might be leaking and should be inspected as soon as possible to prevent costly water damages.
  • White Stains – White crystalline discoloration, or efflorescence, is usually a result of minerals being left behind after water evaporates, called efflorescence. Efflorescence on the interior of your brick and mortar chimney may be an indicator of a water leak.

Don’t Wait – Let’s Clean Your Chicago Chimney

Get that winter grime off your brick chimney. Capital Chimney Corp in the Chicagoland area can clean and repair your masonry so that it looks great and works great. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and sweep service.

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