Avoid dangerous and costly hazards to health and home when you let Capital Chimney Corp in Chicago help you keep up with regular chimney cleaning. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to tell if it’s time to have your chimney cleaned. We’ve put together some handy tips for you.

Signs It’s Time For Chimney Cleaning

Using a fireplace with a dirty or clogged chimney isn’t just unsightly and irritating, it can be hazardous to your health, too. People are often unaware of the damaging effects of a dirty chimney. Luckily, there are several surefire ways to tell if your chimney is ready for a good sweeping.

  • You Have Difficulty Starting Or Maintaining Fire In Your Fireplace
  • It Smells Bad In Or Around Your Fireplace
  • You See Greasy Black Soot Or Creosote
  • You See Smoke Or Gaseous Buildup While Fire Is Lit
  • You Hear Animal Sounds Around Your Flue
  • Your Damper May Be Difficult To Close Or Open
  • Soot Can Frequently Be Seen Dropping Back Into Your Fireplace

Dirty Chimney Problems

Yearly inspections are the best way to make sure chimnies are clean, safe, and working the way they should. Sometimes you might find yourself using your fireplace more often. This increased use can often demand extra cleanings.

Dirty or unmaintained chimnies can cause many problems. Don’t let a dirty chimney cause expensive damages to your property or your family’s health.

  • Dirty Chimnies Can Cause Headaches & Respiratory Issues
  • Chimney Fires Can Result From Creosote Buildup & Debris
  • Clogged Flues Can Cause Costly Smoke Damage
  • Unwanted Odors Can Spread Through Your Home
  • Your Fireplace May Not Work When You Need It Most

Don’t Put Off Sweep Services

Regular sweep services not only keep your heating system working smoothly. They also help to catch potential issues early. Your licensed technician can make the little repairs as they’re needed to prevent bigger, more expensive damages or even full chimney rebuilds.

Schedule A Chimney Inspection & Sweep In Chicago

At Capital Chimney Corp, our knowledgable, experienced sweeps serve you in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Put over 75 years’ worth of experience inspecting, building, servicing, and cleaning chimnies to work for you. Schedule stress-free services that you can count on time and again. Contact us today.

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