Chicago metro area residents can avoid the dangers of a dirty home dryer vent or furnace vent with a professional cleaning by Capital Chimney Corp. Take advantage of the complimentary chimney inspection we offer with our comprehensive service. We put your safety first by inspecting for fire hazards including, obstructions, flammable buildups, and animal invasions. Additionally, our team will check the quality of the flue liner for signs of any water intrusion.

  • Poorly Maintained Dryer Vents Can Cause House Fires
  • Carbon Monoxide Is Odorless & Dangerous
  • Dirty Dryer Vent & Furnace Vent Increases Utility Bills
  • Monitor Your Flue To Minimize Further Damage
  • An Inspection & Cleaning Can Save You Money

Poorly Maintained Dryer Vents Can Cause House Fires

A home is one of our major investments in a lifetime. Don’t burn down your home because of a lint buildup that gets too close to a heating element. It is very easy for a blaze to start when lint accumulates. Regularly scheduled cleanings can greatly reduce this risk of fire and safeguard your investment.

Carbon Monoxide Is Odorless & Dangerous

When lint build-up and animal hair are blocking dryer vents, toxic gasses can seep back into your home and can cause serious health issues and be potentially fatal. Keep your family safe and avoid this dangerous situation by calling Capital Chimney Corp for an inspection and cleaning.

Dirty Dryer & Furnace Vents Increases Utility Bills

Whenever your dryer vent and your furnace vent are clogged, both appliances have to work harder. Over time, the vents may become more constrained, increasing your electricity bill. Don’t hesitate to call us at Capital Chimney Corp if you notice this happening.

Monitor Your Flue To Minimize Further Damage

We inspect your flue to ensure it is sized correctly and also intact. This will protect the mortar from deterioration by heat or acidic water vapor, condensation, and humidity build-up. We also inspect your chimney to prevent the build-up of flammable creosote and to ensure that the harmful gasses can readily exit your fireplace and wood stoves. Preventive maintenance is cheaper than costly repairs later.

Inspection & Maintenance Saves You Money

Animal nesting debris could even cause a fire, so reduce the risk of this with our free 14-point home inspection. With our flue and furnace cleaning service, which removes fireplace soot and other debris, you’ll benefit from increased heating appliance efficiency and safer ventilation.

Call Us For Your Free Estimate

Capital Chimney Corp can help you to protect the investment in your home by cleaning the dryer vent, and flue liners, and performing a complimentary inspection. Together, we can save you money in the long term while helping to keep your family safe. Chicago area residents can email or call us today for a free estimate.

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