You probably don’t think much about your chimney unless there’s a chance it’s damaged or preventing you from enjoying your fireplace. We recommend having a professional inspection at least once per year to find any issues and prevent small problems from getting bigger. At Capital Chimney Corp. in Chicago, we offer complimentary inspections with our professional cleaning and repairs, but how do you know it’s time to call?

5 Chimney Warning Signs

  • Moisture Damaged Wallpaper
  • Broken Tile In Your Fireplace
  • Salty, White Stains
  • You See Cracks In The Crown
  • Broken Or Cracked Mortar Joints

Chimney Leaks Cause Moisture Damaged

Pay attention if you see moisture damage close to the fireplace and near the chimney. This can be a warning sign that there is a leak there. When there is moisture building up, the wall nearby can also absorb that moisture and begin to break down.

Broken Tile Can Mean A Damaged Flue

Finding little pieces of tile down in the fireplace is not a good sign. This is alarming all by itself and is an indicator that your flue might be cracked. Shaling happens when the flue lining needs to be replaced due to the tile breaking, flaking off, and falling down through to the fireplace.

White Chimney Stains Can Signal Moisture Damage

The exterior of your chimney gives some clues to its health. Looking up, you may notice light-colored, whitish stains or dust. This is a residue that indicates there is a moisture problem. The residue is efflorescence and is actually the salts left behind after water that came out of the masonry has evaporated.

Is Your Crown Cracked?

Take a look at the top of your chimney for any irregularities. Notice any cracks? Our Chicago weather can cause damage like cracks over time. The crown is what protects against water intrusion, so you’ll want to have that crown professionally repaired or replaced immediately.

Cracked Or Broken Mortar Joints

If you see chunks of mortar joints missing from your chimney, expect moisture issues or water entry. In Chicagoland, we expect the freeze and thaw process year after year, and leaving cracks exposed only invites more severe damage as the seasons change. Our team members are skilled professionals who can spot damage when it is still small, stopping you from needing major mortar repairs.

Get A Chimney Inspection In Chicago

We offer comprehensive chimney inspection, repair, and rebuild services. Before your yearly sweep, we’ll check the quality of the flue liner and for any signs of water intrusion. Schedule an appointment with Capital Chimney Corp. in Chicago for a complimentary inspection today.

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