Capital Chimney Corp of Chicago knows how to help Chicagoland area residents look forward to a safe fireplace season this year. Take advantage of the complimentary chimney inspection we offer with our comprehensive sweep service. We recommend that residents keep a few things in mind for safety’s sake.

Five Safety Tips When Using Chimneys

  1. Get A Professional Inspection
  2. Install A Chimney Cap
  3. Use Good Fuel For A Great Start
  4. Inspect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  5. Don’t Leave Fires Unattended

1. Inspect Your Chimney Annually

Keep your chimney clean and obstruction free with an annual inspection. Cleaning and inspecting your fireplace, furnace, and flue regularly can prevent toxic gasses and fumes from escaping into your home. Limit the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or a chimney fire with a free inspection and sweep by our team of professionals.

2. Why You Should Install A Chimney Cap

Keep out unwanted pests with a high-quality stainless steel cap. We can cap all your flues to protect your structure from rain, leaves, and small animals that can block the exit of harmful gasses from your chimney. If our inspection determines that other debris has accumulated in your chimney, we can make an appointment for a cleaning and cap your flues.

3. Use Good Fuel For A Great Start

Gather hardwood that’s been dry for 6 months to get the most heat in your fireplace. Start your fires safely using only fire starters made for your fireplaces or wood stoves. Avoid liquid fire starters that could ignite a chimney fire or create out-of-control flames in the house.

4. Inspect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are essential to alert residents of dangerous gasses. Carbon monoxide is odorless, and its molecules are small enough to pass through drywall and go undetected without an alarm. Place detectors at least five feet off the floor and periodically check and change the batteries to protect your family.

5. Don’t Leave Fires Unattended

Keep an eye on your fire. Fireplace screens should be kept in place with glass fire doors open during the use of your fireplace. Also, combustible materials should be kept at least 3 feet away from your fireplace or wood stove. Fire logs may become displaced during a fire and tumble out of the fireplace, or embers might jump onto something flammable in the room and start a fire.

Call For A Free Estimate

Keep your family safe and save money in the long term with a chimney sweep and complimentary inspection from Capital Chimney Corp. of Chicago. We inspect for fire hazards including flammable buildups, obstructions, and animal nesting. Chicago area residents can request a free estimate today.

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