Damaged Fireplaces In Chicago

There are many things that could be considered a damaged fireplace. There can be creosote that has built up in flue and when you go to light a fire in your fireplace the creosote catches fire and [...]

How To Become A Tuckpointing Specialist

Tuckpointing is a process which involves the removal and replacement of the already damaged, deteriorated, and missing mortar that is usually in between masonry surfaces such as bricks, stones, [...]

The Process Of Chimney Sweeping

A fireplace is an important part of any house that requires regular maintenance for proper functioning and safety. Whether being used to provide warmth or cooking, fireplaces are bound to get [...]

Buyer Beware

Check out our YouTube video for some great information regarding chimney restoration and consumer awareness. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCynd4IfucshE3rrYIrTn76g